Asa Wa Day 2022


Recognition Award Night In France

23rd - 24th July 2022.

It is on this premises that we created the Yoruba Cultural Heritage in FRANCE association. It is a non- profit organization that promotes and provide support services for the Yoruba people and Nigerians in France. Our Aim is to showcase our Yoruba arts and culture, to promote our tourism and echo the need for increased bilateral relations between our people and France Our flagship event ASA WA Day showcases the beauty of our Yoruba Culture and Tradition and what we have to offer. As we know, the world doesn’t get a positive view of Africa, but we are here to change the narratives first in France and then around the world. In redefining our priorities and to also celebrate our Royal Father in France, Yoruba Heritage Association is presenting ASA WA Festival with a vision to showcase and promote our Yoruba culture and tradition, the people of France. The purpose of this event is to bring together the Yoruba communities and other communities in France to celebrate the 1st ASA WA day and her contribution to democracy, technological advancement, tourism and leadership of Africans around the world.